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Q: My 83-year-old mother was recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis by her physician. She mostly suffers from back pain and sometimes pain down her leg. She tries to avoid the pain by bending forward most of the time. Would a brace help her?A:  Lumbar spinal stenosis in this age group is usually caused by the natural degeneration or wearing down of the spine over time. The condition is described as a narrowing of the space available for the spinal cord, nerve roots, and blood vessels i...
Posted on 2020-01-17
. in for Headaches. Welcome to 's resource about headaches. This guide will help you understand: The headache-related anatomy of the head and neck What the most common types of headaches are and their causes How your health care professional diagnoses your headache What ’s approach to rehabilitation is . ANATOMY . The anatomy of the head, neck and brain is complex and extensive. To better understand headaches, it is important to be aware of some specific anat...
Posted on 2020-01-08
Q: My grandmother has multiple fingertips that will not straighten completely. Though she says she is not experiencing any pain, they look stuck.  Should I take her to the doctor?  What could they do for her?A: It seems you are describing mallet finger-- a condition where the tendon that helps to straighten your fingertip ruptures.  Typically, treatment is only sought if it becomes an aesthetic issue or interferes with your ability to perform everyday activities.  In your Gra...
Posted on 2020-01-07
. in for Hand.   Welcome to 's patient resource about Arthritis of the Finger Joints. When you stop to think about how much you use your hands, it's easy to see why the joints of the fingers are so important. Arthritis of the finger joints has many causes, and arthritic finger joints can make it hard to undergo everday activities due to pain and discomfort. Unbearable pain or progressive deformity from arthritis may signal the need for surgical treatment. This guide will help you...
Posted on 2020-01-07
Just watching golf on television is enough to see how much stress and strain is put on the low back with each swing. But give it a try sometime and you will experience firsthand why low back pain is so common among golfers -- whether in the amateur or professional golfer.In this article, , Christopher Finn, from the Par4Success Golf Performance Center in Durham (North Carolina) presents current evidence from published studies and ideas from his own practice on injury prevention and rehabilitatio...
Posted on 2019-10-24
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