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Sports Recovery

Sports Recovery 

Are you preparing for a major athletic event like a marathon, 5K, triathlon, Spartan Race or football game? If you’ve ever entered a competition before, you know the difference between first and second place may come down to a hair difference in time and effort.  

Want to show up on game day in peak performance with your body moving like a well-oiled machine? We utilize the Functional Movement Screen to identify inefficient movement that causes reduced performance and increased injury. We then prescribe specific exercises to correct these deficiencies as you prepare for your competition.  

As you near game day, we utilize Astym as a highly effective regenerative therapy to ensure there are no muscle or tendon restrictions, you have good blood flow to all of your muscles, and your nerves are gliding well. We also use joint mobilizations to ensure all of your joints are gliding well. 

You’ve worked so hard to prepare for game day. Let us help you take it to the next level.

If you're dealing with pain, discomfort or limitations and live in Vancouver-Camas WA, please call the rehab experts at Physioflow Physical Therapy, Vancouver WA at (503) 888-6353!

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